Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

A few notes before bed

I entered Perk this evening carrying some clothes to return to Erica. Likewise, she brought clothes that belong to me. We made the switch. However, Erica then left her bag behind, so I came home with three times as many clothes as I started.

Rohini told me that the sweater I was wearing reminds her of me. This seems appropriate.

My quesadilla was not charged to me because someone threw out the first ticket without filling the order, and no one noticed for nearly an hour. Later, and unrelatedly, I got the first brownie after the batch was removed from the oven. It was very large and still extremely warm.

As I was leaving the open mic, a guy with whom I am not acquainted indicated Sharif and told me to "hang tight to him". I believe this was meant to communicate that Sharif is a worthwhile boyfriend because of his musical talents and I should keep him around.
-Alternate interpretation 1: A semi-sarcastic reference to the way that I was hugging Sharif as we shared a sofa.
-Alternate interpretation 2: I should "hold tight" to Sharif, because otherwise someone else might steal him away. Potential stealer presented: John Cook

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