Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

Let's hope to God that he doesn't try this at Perk

In my dream last night, Sharif was a contestant on American Idol. Well, sorta. I haven’t seen very much of the actual show, but I’m pretty sure that the performers don’t do their thing in the middle of a large gymnasium-type space while the audience watches from the numerous bunkbeds pushed against the walls. I was on a top bunk near the door, drinking some sort of liquor in tiny doses with an eyedropper-type contraption. Sharif’s performance began on a large piano that was built into the wall- the instrument was about the length of three pianos, and he played standing up. After a little while of classicalish music, he tore the piano out of the wall, threw it aside, and started making random noises by twisting cranks and pulling levers and pushing buttons that had been revealed behind the piano. Beep! Honk! Whoosh! Bang! This lasted for a little while, then HUGE COCKROACH-LIKE BUGS (probably at least a foot in length) started crawling out of the holes the piano had left in the wall. They scuttled across the floor, Sharif kicked some of them, broke some in two with his hands, tried to play more “music”. Eventually, he picked up one of the bugs, held it up toward the spotlight . . . in triumph? I dunno, he had a look of overacted despair on his face. And that was the end of the performance. It was clear the the bugs were not scripted, but were also not unexpected. When I talked to Sharif later, he said that he didn’t do as well as he had hoped, but “at least the bugs weren’t as big as last year”.

Right, then. Hurrah for the approaching weekend. Apparently I need a mental health break.

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