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Previous Entry return to sender Feb. 7th, 2006 @ 11:29 am Next Entry
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Dear Livejournal,

Hi, how are you? I am fine. The weather here is sunny but cold.

I went to sleep incredibly early last night. We’re talking before ten o’clock here. And it was good to be in bed for that long, but it somehow didn’t make the getting up part of the process any easier. Now I’m at work, and I’m sure that there are plenty of things that I should be doing right now, but I’m having a hard time wanting to do them. So I’m composing a Livejournal entry in Word. Yeehaw.

One of the guys from Marketing spent the past few weeks in Japan with his National Guard unit. He was just in here telling us about all the things he ate for the first time while he was there. There was a lot of seafood in the list, and normally those would all tie for least-likely-to-be-eaten-by-Joanna. But then he mentioned the Horse Sushi. Raw horse? Yup.

In slightly less recent and less Fear Factor-y news, I went shopping this weekend with Sharif to help him find some teachery clothes for his internship this semester. Also to get a new lens in my glasses to replace the cracked one. LensCrafters, for some reason, replaced both lenses . . . and they did it for no charge. That’s $240 I didn’t have to pay. No small change! But back to the teacher clothes- we got some good-lookin’ things, almost all on sale, and the boy looked spiffy. And all the schoolgirls are gonna have crushes on my boyfriend. You know it’s true.

Well, that’s all from here. I hope to hear back from you soon, Livejournal. Keep in touch!


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