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Previous Entry eye enn apostrophe Jan. 28th, 2006 @ 07:47 pm Next Entry
Sittin' in Sharif's room, watchin' him play XBox, takin' a break from playin' pinball on my Gameboy, waitin' for some pizza to arrive. It's a lazy sort of evening.

I was glad to see the weekend arrive. This week seemed really long. I've just become far too used to the long weekends of the holidays, I suppose, meaning that an actual five-day work week has become hard to bear. But end it eventually did, and Sharif met me at the office at the end of Friday. We went down to Laurel and ate some flavorful meats at Red Hot 'n Blue, then headed down the street to the Laurel Mill Playhouse, where we watched Six Degrees of Separation, featuring Sarah and Brett. I was recognized by a couple of people there, which was funny. They knew who I was because of my screaming fits on that same stage when I played the emotion "Panic". After the show- which did not feature a "splash zone of jam", despite what we were told- we joined the group down at Oliver's for a drink. Sarah and I shared several laughs that were incomprehensible to the rest of the crew. This is as it should be.

Today was a gorgeous day. After a late sleep, I did eventually make it out of the house. I had lunch with Sharif at Panera, but then I went off on my own to enjoy the outside while the boy returned to his house for cleaning and school things. I walked the Trolley Trail, just me and my iPod and several thousand people with dogs.

Perhaps I exaggerate.

I'm pretty hungry. I hope we can hear the front door when the pizza arrives. It would be very very sad if we missed it.
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