Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

peeking in

Wow, give me actual work to do at work, and I totally disappear from livejournal.

Well, I've been working. Learning lots, particularly about what I'm going to need to learn in the near future. But the days go by more quickly now and I'm getting more comfortable as each passes, so that can only be positive.

This past weekend was a really good one. I spent Friday night being the domestic goddess I occasionally am, and that made me feel a lot better about doing nothing home-relatedly productive the rest of the weekend. Saturday, it was amazingly and unseasonably warm, so Sharif and I drove to the near end of the Trolley Trail. We walked it to Historic Ellicott City, grabbed a coffee, and walked back, managing to (mostly) avoid raindrops. Later we headed up to Bel Air, where there was an ilyAIMY show. The coffee shop where they played was one I'd seen them perform before, and someone there recognized me and started asking me questions about the band- some of which I couldn't answer. No, I don't know where in Maryland Rob grew up. Clearly, I fail.

Sunday we Metro-ed it into DC, and finally visited the Spy Museum. That was a great time! They say to allow two hours for a visit, but we must have been there about four. Really interesting, really fun. We were footsore and exhausted at the end of it, and so spent the evening on my couch, watching The Right Stuff. I'd say that it's a testament to the quality of that movie that we both managed to stay awake through the whole thing, despite our fatigue and the three-hour-plus length of the film.

Today was most definitely a Monday, but I made it through. My new job may be more interesting, but that doesn't make leaving my warm and comfortable bed any easier, particularly on a grey and dismal Monday morning. I could have used a whole extra day for sleep.

Speaking of sleep . . .

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