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Seeing as I have been convinced by a coworker to stall the Christmas undecorating until closer to the traditional date of 6 January, and my current chore of flattening stacks of cardboard boxes is starting to hurt my fingers, I am going to take a little time here to cover my weekend activities. As I said earlier, I really enjoyed myself this weekend, so I guess I owe it to my future self to remind myself why. Whether or not you will find it remotely interesting is . . . well, uncertain.

First of all, we were dismissed from work at 3:00 on Friday, which is a superfantastic start. Leaving the office while the sun is still up is truly exciting. I used that time to do a bit of laundry and a bit of showering, and then to walk over to Sharif's place. He was in the midst of his own laundry activities, and so I got to spend a little bit of quality time with the X-Box 360, specifically with the X-Box Live Arcade. Hexic. Hexic. There might be some weird capitalization that supposed to go in there, I'm not sure, but the point is this- that game has a strong pull. Hexagons shifting, colors matching, it's hypnotic. And it seems that I "unlocked" some "achievements" that will speak well for the online reputation of the machine's owner. I'm so proud. Once the boy was finished his chores and able to pull me away, we headed out for a surprisingly tasty and comfortable meal at Applebee's. Then back to chez Sharif for some Serenity. More accurately, all of Serenity, including special features and the hidden bit about the Fruity Oaty Bar Commercial. Glorious.

Saturday I slept as late as I could manage, then spent many hours on the couch, watching the second season of Scrubs. I took a nice walk, watched some more Scrubs, then prepared for the evening. Headed over to the boy's place and got some quality moments with the hexagons before we headed out for the New Year's festivities. One thing to be said about getting a performer to give you a ride to his gig, you get there plenty early enough to stake out a good seat. We were at Perk slightly after 6:00. It was fun watching the setup and talking to people as they arrived. The party/show itself also was quite good fun. Great music all around, of course. (You expect nothing less from Might Could, Dan Zimmerman, and ilyAIMY.) And a comfortable number of people in the place- not supercrowded, but enough to bring the good energy- and many of them already known to me. The beer was plentiful- served in deceptively small cups, but there was never any delay getting a refill, so you (well, I) ended up losing count pretty quickly. I was feeling good. There was a champagne toast at midnight, a countdown that started at about, what, 45?, and cameras pointing in every direction. Sharif fell asleep pretty early- he started to curl up in a chair that would have brought him nothing but pain upon waking, but luckily I was able to guide him to a couch before he became so much (well, not so much) dead weight. I dozed off myself before too long, and we awoke for real only at around 7:00am. I was at home and in my own bed slightly over an hour later.

New Year's Day was spent mostly sleeping. I did get out of bed in time to make myself presentable, as Sharif, the sister, the Tim, and I were all expected at my parents' house for dinner. It was a lovely dinner, bookended by MarioKart on the Nintendo DSs that my mom bought for Erica and me and our father for Christmas. There was also a lengthy game of Apples to Apples.

Monday, another day away from work, and I spent it with the boy again. We went into Columbia, where Sharif bowed oh so quickly to desire and bought himself his own spiffy blue DS, along Mario Kart. We took a leisurely stroll through the doomed Junior Editions, ate lunch at Uno's, then went to see King Kong. Wow. There is, of course, more detailed reaction in me, but for now that will have to do. After movie, there was dinner at Chik-Fil-A, some grocery shopping, then videogaming- Mario Kart doubles, me on Hexic, then me watching Sharif at Quake 4. It was really a very nice day. And a very nice weekend. To the point that I woke up happy this morning, which is remarkable for the first day back at work. That's encouraging. Onward to the year.

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