Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

various truths, though not particularly important ones

I am finding myself inexplicably distracted by this website. I have not bought anything from there, nor seen much of anything that I would think about ordering, but I've had it open in a window on my desktop all day, and keep checking back to see the updates.

Rohini's birthday at Perk was good fun. My Christmas preparations, aside from baking at the parents' house, are complete. I am sleepy and ready for a good long holiday weekend. Two more hours, about. I hope they go quickly.

There is a kitty staying at my house this week! Such a cute little fuzzy soft creature. So far, he has been good in the mornings and waited to start jumping on my head until my alarm clock has already gone off. Then, while I am walking around in my slippers and getting ready for work, he hides under furniture and jumps out to attack my feet. I've missed having kitty cats.
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