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A conversation

me: Hello, Carabas Italian Grill. My name is Joanna.

Carabas Italian Grill: Yo. What up, Biotch?

me: I am poor and I am bored and I have lots of free time, so I would like to be a waitress here.

CIG: Whatever. Get lost.

me: I am nice and dependable and hard-working and flexible and easy-going and I think that I could do this job very well.

CIG: What did I just say? Scram!

me: But I'm even qualified! As a flight attendant, a mere part of my job consists of those duties that would be required if I worked here. And I do my job well! That means that I am able to balance service and safety and security and still be good!

CIG: Listen, I don't like you and my computer thinks you suck, so just go away, OK?

(note: This is not an acurate representation of my experiences. However, it does accurately express my feelings on the matter, and what is a journal for, if not that?)

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