Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

Also, one of those wire head scratchy things they have at the mall

Almost all of our executive-types are away for some seminar. It has only just occurred to me that this, combined with the normal mid-month lull, would be responsible for the extreme lack of busy that has been my lot at work for the past few days. I don't mind having time to attempt to accomplish some of my Christmas shopping via the wonders of the internet, but the days are seeming incredibly long. Ah well. Can't say that I have work-related stress, anyway.

Not to suggest that I wouldn't welcome a massage. Mmmmassage.

I would also love for someone to bring me a chocolate malt. I don't see that happening, though, so I think I'll just go get myself a cup of coffee in a minute or two. Sure, it's just reinforcing my caffeine dependence, but at least it gives me something to concentrate on for a little while.

It is looking to be a quiet weekend for me. Tomorrow night shall be Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Sunday is a family dinner including Aunt Karen and Uncle Mark, in town from Texas. But Saturday, my only plans are "Feed the hedghog. Feed the parents' fish." With the boy out of town, I'm anticipating a day of books and tea and baths. Possibly all at the same time!

1.5 hours until the end of the day. One task left to accomplish. I think I can do this.

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