Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

parsley . . . oregano . . . rosemary and thyme

Sharif made me dinner last night. He made pasta sauce notfromajar, and it turned out to be lovely. There was one brief hitch in the proceedings when we were unable to find a can opener anywhere in his new kitchen, and I had to run home and fetch one from there. Lucky we live so close together! And we have now proved to each other that we are able to cook. I'm sure this is some sort of important step. If nothing else, it's a step toward less frequent restaraunt meals, which is probably a positive development.

After the feed, the boy had to run off to a study group, and I did some grocery shopping- for the first time in far FAR too long. I'm loving this whole Safeway-has-a-gas-station thing, too. With a club card, I ended up getting six cents off per gallon.

Later, I sat down and watched this movie, which was fairly uninspiring, but not a horrible way to waste a quiet evening. High praise, I know. I wouldn't actually recommend it, but if you're bored and it's on, it does feature in supporting roles Drew Barrymore looking cute and Jon Stewart being likable.

Now because Brennan said:

Post a picture of yourself in comments, then put this in your journal.


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