Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

red and white for blood cells, red and white for wine

I have been remarkably thirsty all day today. I can explain this not. I just know that water does not seem to be helping. Bah.

This weekend we determined that Sharif's new house is an easy 7-minute walk from my place. This is superconvenient and rather thrilling.

It was a gorgeous weekend, sunny and unseasonably warm throughout. I made sure to spend some time outside- including a walk around Catonsville with the boy, a walk around Centennial Lake with my mother, and a couple of gingerbread lattes on a bench with my sister. I also, however, spent some time inside the mall, both Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon. I found a pair of boots that suited me the first time, but was good and resisted spending the money. The second trip, however, I caved enough to buy myself a new (tactile-y delicious) outfit. At least it cost less than the boots did. And once the weather gets somewhat cooler, I will be able to be warm and cute and very very soft. I also got LensCrafters to replace a lens in my glasses, so I no longer have a permanent smudge directly in front of my right eye.

Sunday evening I cooked at my parents' house- chicken enchiladas. With mexican rice, refried beans, and homemade guacamole. It's a long process, made even longer this time by the fact that I made a double batch, but well worth it. And I think that the others partaking in the meal would agree with me.

It's not yet four o'clock, yet the sun is going down. I know I ought to expect it, but I really won't get used to this for quite a while yet. Perhaps just in time to be surprised when it starts getting dark noticably later. I'm suspecting that this may be an evening for wrapping myself in a blanket and watching DVDs.

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