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a spelling lesson

"L" is for the way you look at me,
"O" is blah blah something blah blah "ee",
"V" is very very extra-ordinary,
"E" is even more than something something blah adore.

Yeah, I don't know the words.

Erica moved back to school today, so I'm an only child again.

This is Count Olaf:

He is evil. So evil, in fact, that there is a song about him. Now, that's evil.

I think that I need to start having thrilling adventures, so that I can type them up in this journal, and people will find me interesting. Because I think that if someone I didn't know happened to read this, they'd probably just think I was weird. And really bored. And possibly boring. So my new goal is to do something worth reading. Like . . .

Aw, who am I kidding? I'll just have to resign myself to a fate of not impressing strangers with my incredible internet persona. It's a tough life, but I can handle it.

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