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Indiana Joanna

i like me a vorpal bar from time to time

Wow, that was a long and busy weekend. Productive, on the whole, and beautiful weatherwise.

Key points:

Traffic Court. Friday afternoon I took myself to Annapolis to answer for my mistakenly passing a schoolbus when I should not have done so. I admitted my guilt, and the judge lowered the consequences for my actions from ($275 plus 3 points) to ($75 and two years probation). His reasoning for this was apparently that he "hated to see such a serious offence on such a clean record". I am not sure how well that works in legal terms, but I am certainly not going to complain. Thank god that's over. In celebration of my "triumph" I took Sharif out to eat. I highly recommend the pork burrito at La Palapa. It is full of flavor.

Rowan's 30th Birthday Bash. This was Saturday night at Perk. An all-night Rowan music fest, with IO, Tinsmith, and ilyAIMY playing in succesion. I played games and received flowers and got hugs. The music was fabulous, the "Punkin Ale" was cold, and the Perk was packed. It was determined that the Jabberwock was either diabetic or allergic to peanuts. (It makes sense, really. It's all about the Snickers snack.)

We spent that night (well, really Sunday morning, since we didn't get there until 2am) on the floor in Sharif's parents' basement, being trod upon by an enthusiastic doggy. Up in the late morning to load a bed and a desk into a van and cart them back to Catonsville. I got to ride with the boy's mother, to direct her to our destination. We discussed foliage, food, and Thanksgiving. Later, there was an Ikea excursion. That evening, Sharif and I assembled a three-door wardrobe, and I think we proved that we are able to follow directions and work as a team. We win! And it's a nice-looking piece of furniture, if I do say so myself. A few trips back and forth over the course of this week, and the boy will be moved into his new place. Which, amazingly, is even closer to my house than the old one. We're talking walking distance here. Sweet. Also, it's a bigger room in a nicer house with fewer roommates in a better neighborhood for much less rent.

After our busy day of driving and manual labor, the room was starting to look like someone could live there, and we were just about collapsing from hunger. So we went to the nearest source of food- IHOP. We were the last people there, and- amazingly- rather than being awful and trying to push us out quickly, the servers kept bringing us extra food. Also, they were extremely concerned that Sharif's meat was cooked to his liking. Feeling much better, we parted ways. Sharif to study for a test, me to veg in front of the TV until bedtime. Which turned out to be much earlier than expected. I tried to watch Iron Chef America, but fell asleep halfway through. I may never know who won Battle Salmon. Until, you know, I come across a repeat later this week.

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