Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

i worry about what the first paragraph says about my state of mind

The various runs in my stockings seem to be involved in a race to determine which can reach my ankle the fastest. The one closest to my knee appears to have the advantage here, with the one to its left close behind. The skinny run on the right side of the leg is making a valiant effort, but I don't think it will be enough. A plucky group on the back have banded together, perhaps in an attempt to expand their influence all around the circumference of the thigh, and actually detach the stocking leg. I admire their spirit. They know they don't have a chance in the ankle stakes, so they're changing the rules.

Anyway. This particular pair of pantyhose is going in the trash this evening.

Last night was exactly what I wanted it to be. I had the house to myself the whole evening. I talked to Sharif on the phone until he had to be at the studio. I ate some farfalle with pesto. Then I lit a nice-smelling candle in my room, put on big comfy clothes, curled up in my chair with my blanket, and read until I went to sleep. I finished The Penultimate Peril and Fables: Volume 4, and got to bed before 11:00.

Tonight the boy and I are cooking again. This time there is a marinade involved. Fancy. And tomorrow, while I dread the whole accepting-or-trying-to-avoid-the-consequences-of-my-actions thing, at least I will be able to sleep later than usual and will hopefully be free before the normal end of the workday. Accentuate the positive, la la la.

I sigh a lot while I am at work. Moreso now that it's dark before I leave the office. I want to spend time outside.

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