Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

a million ways to be cool

Last night was good fun. Rufus Wainwright and OKgo at the 9:30 Club, in company with Ro, Erica, and Will. We Metro-ed it into DC, and arrived at the club after the doors opened, but while there was still a lengthy line to get inside. (Walking from the Metro station to the club, we saw Rowan and Rob across the street. I considered yelling "ILYAIMY!!" really loud to get their attention, but ultimately waited too long and missed my chance. Probably just as well. Is there a good way to say "Hi, glad to see you, now I'm going to someone else's concert instead of yours!"?) The show was great fun and full of energy. Both sets included intricately choreographed dance numbers at or toward their ends. This was fantastic. Oh yeah, and there was good music too. Erica went into much greater detail on her journal already, so I'll just reiterate that it was a good time.

After just making it onto the last train out, I'd estimate that I made it to bed around 2:30am, late indeed for a Monday night. I'm pretty tired today, and probably could go straight home and to bed after work, but I will not do this. It's open mic night, and there are people I want to see.

Ow, man. I just smacked myself in the cheekbone with the phone. That smarts.

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