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Despite being four hours longer than usual (well, five really, if you consider the changing of the clocks), this weekend went by extremely quickly. After leaving work at lunchtime on Friday, I went to my opthamologist appointment, where I confused the letter D with the letter O, had the end of the session delayed by a guy who had to have a piece of steel removed from his eye (no hard feelings at all, there), got a new prescription and ordered a new set of contact lenses. My drive home was made "interesting" by my belated realization that I have no sunglasses . . . which would not have been an issue except for the simple fact of the pupil-dilating drops. Ow. Experimentation followed. Squinting only made it less painful if both eyes were almost completely closed- not great for keeping track of traffic AND lights AND pedestrians. Keeping one eye closed made it possible to keep the other mostly open, but then I had to deal with a "blind spot" that was more like a "blind side". Alternating eyes wasn't terribly painful, but it was extremely distracting. The only part of the drive in which I felt both safe and comfortable was the part where I was driving through the national park and was under trees.

The rest of Friday night, as well as most of Saturday, I spent with Sharif. Shopping. Over the two days, we finished off my Halloween costume, bought birthday presents for his sister, sought and failed to find inspiration for the boy's costume, and bought treats for ourselves like DVDs and books and slippers. Sharif's new pride and joy, however, is his George Foreman Lean Mean Fat-Reducing Grilling Machine. And I must say, it's a handy thing to have. After the purchase of this new piece of equipment, we stopped at the grocery store, where we bought a steak, some garlic, and an onion . . . for $3.00. (The meat was deeply discounted.) Combined with the rice he already had and the corn from my cupboard . . . we ended up with a very good meal, and were very proud of ourselves. It seems that this was the first time Sharif has ever made real meals of that sort. It was all very domestic, chopping things, discussing seasoning, coordinating cooking times. Fun!

Saturday night was a Halloween party. I had my costume all ready- blue & white checked dress borrowed from Lacey + red heels + hair ribbons + dog in a basket = Dorothy. After failing to come up with any workable new ideas for Sharif, we went with his easy backup plan- bathrobe + pajamas + slippers + towel = Arthur Dent. At the last moment, I wrote "Don't Panic" in large friendly letters on the cover of a notebook, and he stuck that in his pocket. His costume was much more comfortable than mine. Pictures to come, but probably not until Wednesday. The party was fun, mostly the boy's friends that I had met the previous weekend.

Sunday to Sharif's parents' house to celebrate his sister's birthday. She really liked her gifts (or else she is an excellent actress), and tried to give me credit for them, but they were totally the boy's idea. I just showed him where he could find them. (An oil burner and a salon gift certificate.) We had a tasty lunch and some tasty coconut cake. Then we returned home by way of the grocery store, bought more meat on sale, and fired up that grill again, this time at Sharif's place, with the sounds of his roommates playing Dance Dance Revolution in the background. (stomp Deedle deedle stomp stomp dee deedle stomp dee stomp . . . )

Of course, a busy weekend means little sleep, which means that I was not particularly rested for this morning's Halloween festivities at work, in which I needed to star in a videotaped real eastate-themed performance of The Wizard of Oz. But everyone is telling me that I made an excellent Dorothy, so I guess I came through without embarassing myself too much. And tonight Rohini and Erica and Will and I are going to see Rufus Wainwright and OKgo in DC. So that's another night with little sleep and another day tomorrow for tired, but I think it's worth it.

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