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we drove the nonexistent highway - Have Fedora, Will Travel

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Previous Entry we drove the nonexistent highway Oct. 21st, 2005 @ 03:25 pm Next Entry
I believe that I can now officially think of myself as a "band girlfriend". I went with Sharif last night to ilyAIMY's show up in Bel Air- they were the feature act at an open mic. Toward the end of it all, people from the audience started coming up to me and giving me money and asking me to tell them which CDs they ought to buy. I hope I fulfilled my unexpected responsibilities well. I sold a few CDs, anyway.

One woman told me that she had called her 17-year-old daughter during the show to let her listen, then bought her a CD and put her on the mailing list. Another lady informed me (in case I had forgotten?) that I "get to date the bass player" and that we were cute. Hee.

Today it is wet and cool and I am sleepy. But it is also Friday and the weekend, though not particularly scheduled until Sunday, is something that I am anticipating with pleasure. I have no doubt that it will go quickly and will be enjoyable. More enjoyable than a week at work, anyway.

It feels like an evening for watching movies may be approaching. Do I want to venture into the madness of Friday-night movie theatre crowds? That remains to be seen.
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