Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

like a toothpick. in marmalade.

It has been a day of boredom and of wanting to be elsewhere. Preferably at home with a book. For this reason, I will be passing on the happy hour that many in this office will be attending after work, instead heading straight home. I just don't feel like being in a crowd today. Also, I hate participating in events that benefit charity, and I dislike all of my coworkers.

That last sentence was untrue, but is what I have been telling people all day.

Sarah showed up at Perk last night, unlike a few other people I could mention. We discussed the game we're playing that is called "Adult" and wondered who is keeping score, and how we know when we've won.

Sharif and I harassed people with our cameras. The results of that will probably show up on my flickr page later this evening.

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