Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

hedgehog in a hurry

Don't worry, they fixed the chocolate button on the coffee machine, so I can have my afternoon pseudo-mochas again.

Some of you have met Biz, the hedgehog that lives with me. She is a cute little sweet prickly thing. She has a wheel in her home, like most little cage-bound pets. And believe me, she sure does run. For hours on end, little legs ablur, and not quietly. Sharif and I were watching a movie last night, and she was making so much noise in her marathon session that we kept having to turn up the volume. Eventually, we had to give up and resort to missing bits of dialogue, in fear of waking the neighbors and having them pound on the walls in exasperation.

Can't really blame her for running, of course. As I said yesterday, if you locked me in my bedroom, took away the TV, the computer, and all of my books, and left me only a box of cheerios, a bottle of water, my bed, and a treadmill, I'd doubtless spend a lot of time on that latter piece of equipment. On another occasion, I told Lacey about an amusing little daydream in which I'm standing in an empty field when suddenly ZOOOOOOOM a hedgehog runs by in a straight line at top speed. Ultimately, this conversation led us to the following plan:

Attach a device to the wheel that will count the number of times it turns and help us to calculate how far she has run. Buy a large map (perhaps of the 48 contiguous states, perhaps of North America, perhaps of the world) and hang it on the wall in the dining room. Plot routes for Biz to travel and stick pins in places when she reaches them. Just imagine the fun that we would have with this. Go ahead, imagine it. It would be great.

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