Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

people come and go so quickly here.

Four of us went out for Vietnamese food at lunchtime today. Always tasty, and quite a lot of quality food for $6 each. James drove. James has a dog, and I can tell you without ever having seen the dog or knowing what breed it is- this dog has short white fur. And now, so do I. Much of my afternoon has been spent removing dog hairs from my grey skirt and my black sweater.

We're going through a grey phase in our weather lately. The only time that this really bothers me is when I need to get out of bed. That particular action is much easier when there's sunshine coming through my little window. But while I'm at work, the darkness outside just makes my little desklamp seem cozy, if that makes any sense. And if it's raining, I have the opportunity to use my Best Umbrella Ever when I leave, which is so very cheerful and bright that it makes up for the gloomy.

I spent parts of Sunday and Monday evenings covering a pair of shoes with glue and red glitter. The finished product is excitingly sparkly, I must say. I started out by brushing glue on a patch of the shoe, then covering that with glitter, then moving on to the next patch, repeating until the whole shoe was covered. I was happy with the way that looked, but I knew that it wouldn't take much to dislodge the glitter just by walking around. So, in an attempt to make it more secure after it dried, I thinned some glue with water and brushed that over the shoes. Of course, that flattened the look a little, so I sprinkled more glitter on top of that. Now I realize that this top layer of glitter is even more likely to fall off in a trail behind me as I walk, but I wasn't sure what else to do. I need a way to keep the glitter on my ruby slippers instead of in the carpet.

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