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I'm really not happy with most of the tracks I currently have pegged for my mix-CD "assignment" due tomorrow. Individually, most of them are fine, I suppose, but as a collection I don't think much of it. It remains to be seen whether I just go ahead and burn them anyway, or if I end up scrapping the whole thing and missing the deadline.

It was a weekend of activity again. psychephage and I went to a party on Friday night that was populated by a bunch of the boy's former coworkers. A rowdy bunch, you might say. It was fun, and I don't think I represented myself too poorly. The party was held at a really nice house, in which almost every room had its own theme. Bathrooms were beach, X-Men, and Monopoly. The office was Madonna. The guest room was Georgia O'Keefe. The exercise room was Buffy and Angel. The basement entertainment area was Star Trek- all different versions. It was a fun place to explore.

Saturday Sharif and I went to the National Zoo for a little while. It was a great day for it, and we saw, as one would expect, lots of animals. We were there at prime nap time, it seemed, as the kangaroo collapsed to the ground to sleep while we were looking at him, the pygmy hippo did the same after a few huuuuuuuuge yawns, the lions and tigers were completely zonked before we reached them . . . The golden lion tamarins were active though, as were the otters and the beavers. The male giant panda (Panda Grande. Panda Venti!) was just hanging out chewin' on something, but we weren't allowed to see the baby. I knew that would be the case, but it's still sad.

We didn't really get to stay as long as we would have liked, because we were prescheduled for wowbagger birthday activities, (a worthy cause indeed) so we made our way back to the Metro by way of the cops handcuffing the crazy guy, and got to my parents' house right on time. Indian food followed by german chocolate cake. (With a decent interval between.)

Sunday was unexceptional until dinner time, at which point there was another celebrating-Erica's-birthday restaraunt trip. This time it was friends and Mexican food. Yay enchiladas! Then we headed off to see Serenity, which I thought was fantastic. I have much more detailed thoughts on the movie, but I'm just too lazy right now to put them into words.

Oh, yeah! Time for my traditional 4:00 caffeine fix.

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