Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

she was the kind of girl who could say things that weren't that funny

I had a substantial, tasty, early lunch with my Mommy today. She's in the neighborhood every day this week for a work-related event, and today she came by to take me to Eggspectation. Good stuff indeed. But because her schedule mandated that she have her break an hour before my usual lunch time, this afternoon is going to be very long.

It's been a week of long days, anyway. Very few people actually in the office, and very little for me to do at my desk. I spent the past two days reading the entire archive of this odd webcomic, but have finished that now and need to move onto a new project. I'm sure I'll find something to amuse me.

I went to the mall after work yesterday and bought a new dress. I like it very much. I also bought sleeves (you know, a shrug . . . sweater . . . thing) to go with it. Now I need shoes. My trouble with shoe shopping is that I always have a picture in my head of the shoes that I want, and they very rarely actually exist. Also, I really dislike the pointysharp toes that I'm currently seeing on so many styles of dressy shoes, so that makes it more difficult. Stupid shoe shopping. If only working in the shoe department at Kohls (lo these many years ago) hadn't seriously depleted my enthusiasm for the browsing of the shoe stores, this would be more fun.

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