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My sister is silly. But you probably knew that already.

Erica and I have created a neighborhood on The Sims that so far consists of La Elf (an elf); Zeus and Hera Divine and their son Hermes (gods); Laurel Royal (a princess in disguise); Snow White (Snow White, who has seven lawn gnomes that she thinks are her roommates); Edrigol Ravine (a hobbit); Astrid Sol (a sorceress) and her henchman Slick; and Vernon, Petunia, Dudley, and Harry Muggle. I have plans to add an ugly old Crone and a couple of princes Charming. Fun.

I did very very little today. This is much like other days. I read for quite a long time and I watched the series finale movie of Daria. Pretty exciting.

I want to go ice skating again. I want to see a show. I want to go hiking and kayaking (although I'm willing to wait for warmer weather for these activities). I want to take a road trip. I want a hug.

Finally, here is a picture, if it works:

a fuzzy screen capture of Mr. Knightly telling Emma that he just wants to "stay home, where it's cozy".

Thrilling, no?

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