Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

Happy happy birthday wishes of joy and love to elf_owl today! I wish Arizona was closer to Maryland.


I've been wondering about my memory recently. I'll look at my phone bill sitting on the table and think to myself "I will pay that as soon as I have gone to the bathroom" and I will head to the bathroom thinking "phone bill phone bill phone bill phone bill". Washing my hands, drying my hands, opening the bathroom door, still thinking "phone bill phone bill phone bill", stop to pick up a sock that I discover fell out of the pile of clean laundry I carried to my room earlier, put the sock away . . . and continue with my day. Three days later, the phone bill is still unpaid.


I remember a time at Perk, from before I even knew Sharif's name (he was, at this point, "the guy with the braces", if anything). We (Erica, Ro, and I) were sitting in the room with the pool table. Sharif (the guy with the braces) and someone else (John Thayer?) were playing pool, and we were constantly having to get out of their way. At one point I probably got hit in the head. But I clearly remember a time that I was getting out of the way and Sharif and I did the little "we're trying to get out of each other's way, but instead are just bopping back and forth in the same directions" maneuver. Sharif's opponent said "If this was a musical, you two would totally start dancing together now." And my response was "If only!", meaning that it would be really cool to be in a musical and have impromptu songs and choreography. But then I thought "Oh no, that guy probably thinks that I meant that I really really want to dance with him!" and this was, for some reason, embarassing. Even though it probably went unnoticed by everyone involved, or was at least forgotten almost immediately.

Why did I tell that story? I don't know.

It is suddenly raining very hard.

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