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My disease's name is Shylock

Another weekend come and lived and gone. Busy, as has become the norm. But good, which has luckily also been fairly normal of late. It started Friday after work with IO and pseudo-Tinsmith and some Dan at Perk. There was new artwork on the walls, as well as on some of the people- including shirts that looked painted on because that is in fact what they were. I visited with some of my favorite people while I watched my boyfriend play his piano as he does so well. Later we both dozed on a couch- we knew it was time to go home when we were awakened by someone taking a picture of us.

Saturday during the day I did laundry and not much else, actually. Took a brief trip over to Historic Ellicott City, where I bought some things for other people and found many things that I would buy for myself if money was not an issue. Alas for money being an issue. That evening, Sharif and I met up with Lacey and a bunch of her friends for a show at the Baltimore Comedy Factory. A few drinks and a few comedians later, we were entertained but not quite ready to go home, so the boy and I walked along the harbor for awhile. It was a beautiful night, the perfect temperature for aimless wandering. We took ourselves a little way from the crowds- beyond the Aquarium and past the wedding reception by the water- and found a bench near the lighthouse, where we watched the lights on the water and boats passing by with parties onboard. If you know what we did then, you know us pretty well- we experimented with shutter speeds, taking pictures of citylights and boats. I don't think I can explain just how Good that/this was/is. (And I realize that sentence doesn't actually mean much of anything, but I'm leaving it there to avoid trying to explain and inevitably going all mushy.)

Sunday morning, Lacey and I sat around the living room, watching Mythbusters and the hedgehog in turns. We put Biz into her plastic ball and let her roll around the floor for the first time, and she really seemed to get into it. Lacey folded laundry and I wrapped some birthday presents. It was all very pleasant, and apparently just too relaxing for us, because around noon we decided that we were going to head down to the Takoma Park Folk Festival for a couple of hours. We made it there just in time to get some lunch at the Thai stand (Chicken satay with peanut sauce, fried plaintains, and sweet Thai iced tea. SO good!) before heading to the appropriate stage to see ilyAIMY perform. Sharif seemed pretty surprised to see us. (The conversation went something like this:

Me: Hi!
Him: Oh! I didn't know you were going to be here!
Me: I didn't either, we just decided.
Him: I didn't expect to see you here!

and so on.)

We sat on the grass in the sunshine, ate our good good food, and watched from right at the front. They put on a good show, of course, and the crowd really grew as they played, attracted by the band's brand of "authentic, traditional folk". Passers-by stopped to watch, and eventually were blocking the walkways. I guess they sold a lot of CDs, too. Right on.

After that, we got a little while to browse the artsy stalls- always a good thing. We didn't have very long though, because I had to be in Columbia to celebrate Ann's birthday. We had seven for dinner at P.F. Changs, where I realized that all I desired was an order of spinach sauteed with garlic. I know that Erica, at least, thought this quite odd, but it was exactly what I wanted and I dined happy. Ann proved herself once again to be a talented gift-giver, and she seemed to like those that she received, as well. Post-dinner, we made our way over to the movie theatre, where Sharif joined us and we watched The Brothers Grimm. Not a great movie, but entertaining in its own right, and fun to look at.

Sharif and I are now halfway through Ro's Firefly box set. At the rate we're going, we'll be through it in no time.

Today starts a full week of play preparations. I shall Panic for seven days straight.

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