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halting the busywork just for a moment - Have Fedora, Will Travel

About halting the busywork just for a moment

Previous Entry halting the busywork just for a moment Sep. 8th, 2005 @ 02:23 pm Next Entry
I'm suddenly extremely thirsty and extremely braintired. There's a stack of envelopes sitting on my desk to be stuffed and sealed, a stack of licenses to be sorted and distributed, and various other tasks that should keep me busy until the end of the workday, if not interested. I'd very much like to leave now and spend the rest of the afternoon outdoors, preferably in close proximity to trees and grass- and some water, if we're being ambitious.

I bet it's going to turn out to be a coffee afternoon.

I had company when I was eating my lunch on the benches outside the office today. Normally I'm the only one there, even though there are at least 10 benches out there. But today one of the men from the office also sat there, and we talked for awhile, which was kinda cool, because he's not a person with whom I've had many conversations. At one point he encouraged me, if I want to travel, to "liquidate my assets" and use that to fund my journey. He actually started that with "You got a car?" (yes) "Sell it!" That was interesting, because I'm not used to getting that sort of advice. I'm unlikely to follow it, for various reasons, but it is cool to know that there are reasonably successful professional people who would encourage such a course of action.

I did learn that he got his degree in Art, traveled for a few months after graduating and before working for a few years on a cruise ship, then later working seasonally as a tour guide in Alaska, all of which further reinforces my belief that cool people work for my company.
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