Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

naked, powerless, but otherwise ok

Sharif came by after I got home from work yesterday. He, Lacey and I grilled up some burgers, heated up some mozzarella sticks, grabbed some beer from the downstairs fridge, and had ourselves a very nice impromptu meal in the backyard. It was a beautiful evening for it.

At one point I was explaining my reaction to finding a giant scary spider in my bathroom that morning- the story being that I was getting ready for my shower, and suddenly this big black leggy thing was hurrying past my feet, so I made a girly whimpery noise and trapped it under a tin that I found in the utility room. It's still there, because I can't bring myself to free it or squish it. Anyway, I was explaining this to Lacey and Sharif while we were in the backyard, and for some reason the part where my voice got loud and adamant was ". . . and I was NAKED and feeling very VULNERABLE!" Many of my neighbors were also in their yards enjoying the fine weather, so I immediately started wondering how many had heard the whole story and how many thought I was telling a very different sort of tale. We may never know.

Later we put away the remainder of the party remnants (mostly camp chairs), moved the hedgehog's cage from Lacey's desk to the dining room, took many many pictures of said spiny creature, and watched a couple of episodes of Firefly. The first disk is now complete.

Today has started out as a day in which people give me unusual instructions. Or else they give me information that seems important, but with which I can do nothing, and I don't know who should have it. I hate that, because the person telling me is obviously thinking "Well, I told the receptionist, so someone knows, and my responsibility is done". And yet I have no idea who to tell. Sigh.

Today it's about someone (that I don't know) who works for our company who apparently saw the truck of someone else (that I don't know) who works for us broken down on the side of the road. So he called a different office to tell them, and they called and told me. What? As a situation, this makes little sense to me. I'm going to operate under the assumption that the guy has a cell phone. I really really hope I'm right.

Somewhat similarly, a couple of weeks ago someone came in to tell me that a car in the garage downstairs had had a window broken and probably some stuff taken. As he didn't know whose car it was and it wasn't even guaranteed (or likely) that it was someone who works in our office (there are two building that use that garage, and several offices in each), my response had to be "Huh. Well, that . . . really sucks." I guess people think I have more power and knowledge than I actually do. But really, honestly, I'm just the receptionist. I don't even have the power to walk around and ask people if they know someone or recognize a car, because I can't leave my desk. I can't even take care of the simple task of ducking into the board room to inform a meeting that a person will be late, because the board room is on the other side of the office, and that would take me too far from the phone and the front door. I have to call around until I find someone else to carry the message.

And that ends today's unscheduled meandering work-complaint. Tune in tomorrow for more of the same.

But first, get out and enjoy the day.

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