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goodlong weekend. with visual aid!

People are great. Really, I'm just ridiculously pleased with life at the moment.

I promised a rundown of the weekend, so we're going to do this. I'll probably have to do this lj-cut chapter style.

Chapter 1:

Thursday Evening: They Might Could release a CD

Might Could officially released their CD, All Intertwined, at a special event at the College Perk on Thursday night. Tim, Andy, Aaron, and Gordo put on a mighty fine show and lots of people came to show their support and to buy CDs. It was a great time. Erica and I had randomly decided about a week before that we would dress up for the occasion. Sharif was with us at the time, and he took it upon himself to spread the word, with the result that we had an impressive turnout of snappily dressed characters. It was great.
Evidence may be found right here. I'm particularly fond of this one, unsurprisingly:

Chapter 2:

Friday: Harper's Ferry

Friday I had arranged to take the day off work so that Sharif and I could have a day of exploration- in honor of my birthday and before he started school again. We headed to Harper's Ferry, West Virginia, where we explored the little museums lining the historic streets, walked up many stone steps and a hill to the cemetary, hiked about 15 minutes of the Appalacian Trail just to say we did it, picnicked atop a stone wall by the river, debated how long it would take to walk the C&O canal towpath from Great Falls to Harper's Ferry, sat on a rock shaped like a couch and watched people in innertubes float past, played a very short game of tag, tried to identify birds, and just generally had a lovely time. It was a beautiful day, and the town and surrounding area were not crowded at all, and I enjoyed everything. We ate dinner at the Cracker Barrel in Frederick, after a couple of impulsive stops to find the boy some new shoes and jeans. Upon returning to my house, we tried to watch a movie, but I fell asleep before it could get very far. So it was home for him and bed for me, for to be rested for my early morning Saturday assignment.
Some Harper's Ferry pictures are here. This one allows you to see the view from our couchrock, as well as my cheerful socks.

Chapter 3:

Saturday: Roommate bonding and nearly-naked ladies

Saturday morning it was necessary to get up early, despite the need for sleep that was the result of an incredibly active day before. But it was the last day that I would have an opportunity to renew my driver's license before it expired, so get up I did. Luckily for me, Lacey also had to take care of that chore, so we went together. We arrived at the office before its 8:30 opening time, and so waited in line in the parking lot until we could get inside. Luckily, we were there early enough that it took less than an hour to get through the line and get our new cards. And my picture is certainly one that I'm willing to carry for the next five years, so I guess it was a successful venture. We were both starving at the end of it, though, so we had to swing by the McDonald's drivethrough to get some hashbrowns so that we could survive the drive home. Once there, we grilled up some sausages and ate in the backyard. We ended up discussing art projects that we wanted to try, and got ourselves so motivated that we actually went out to buy supplies! We were out for a good three hours, and felt quite productive at the end of it, although we also felt a good deal poorer.

After the shopping, we ate a pizza. Erica came by, and we went together to meet up with Jacki and some of her friends. We went for dinner at a place on the Avenue that serves "noodles and things". My Korean dumpling soup-y meal was quite tasty, but I think Erica's and Jacki's were both better. I didn't try anyone else's, so I'm no judge for those dishes. After food, we headed off to see a show called Trixie Little and the Evil Hate Monkey, featuring Charm City's own burlesque superhero. It was great fun, and the whole time I was thinking of people who ought to be there as well (including two whose names rhyme with "Stacey"). There was dancing and acrobatics and a fair amount of skin. Considering that I had no idea what to expect before I got there, I was quite pleased. After the show, we headed to the Paper Moon, where we ate fried things and then dessert. The bread pudding was incredible. Then to Jacki's place, where there was a pretty pretty sweetness kitty and we each got to wear a snake necklace, which is one of the odder sensations I've experienced. Behold! A dark and unclear photo!

Chapter 4:

Sunday: The Renaissance Festival

Sunday, it being the opening weekend for the Maryland Renaissance Festival, a bunch of us planned to head that way. Erica, Tim, and Sharif met me at my house, and we met Rohini and Will there. There was much fun, much wandering, much unhealthy food on sticks (including macaroni & cheese, which is not only an impressive feat of engineering, but also a rather unbelievably tasty yet incredibly unhealthy phenomenon. As I said elsewhere, if there was a place in my neighborhood where I could get that stuff on a regular basis, my new nickname would be "2000 Pound Joanna"). We laughed at amusing swordplay, got Sharif addicted to honey sticks, tried on masks, and experimented with musical instruments. And ran into Jenny! Peyton is so big now! And starting kindergarten! After the festival, we all headed to my place to watch the DVD of The Compleate Works of William Shakespeare: Abridged by the Reduced Shakespeare Company. After Ro and Will left, the remaining four of us went to the local Indian restaraunt and ate way too much yummy yummy food. To bed exhausted that night.

Chapter 5:

Monday: Birthday!

And today is my birthday! 26! Go me! Despite being a Monday at work, I've had a lovely day. It started out with balloons and a birthday card in the kitchen, courtesy of the awesome Lacey. I kept up the theme, as I have made traditional for some reason, with The Beatles' "Birthday" in the car on the way to the office. There was a card from one of the VPs on my desk when I got in, and shortly after I received a delivery of a basket. A basket topped with two balloons, and which contains a bouquet. Of cookies!

It is so cool, and came from my boss and her boss (the CEO).
Not too long after, Jake came to visit! I saw a picture of Rita, got the story of Mark's wedding, and we agreed to have lunch sometime soon. While he was here, I got another delivery, this time courtesy of Sharif, and consisting of . . . a soft-as teddy bear, a balloon, a box of chocolates, and a bouquet shaped like a birthday cake!

(You'll notice that I received food shaped like flowers and flowers shaped like food. Hee!)
No one has had any trouble telling that today is my birthday, that's for sure. And everyone is in agreement that the boy did a good job. The bear is so soft that I've been holding him in my lap all day so that I can pet it.
Courtney and Lynne took me to P.F. Changs for lunch, so I was out of the office for two hours in the middle of the day. We grabbed some Starbucks on the way back, so I'm well caffienated and super sugared. They also gave me a Target gift card. And tonight there's a family (and boys) dinner outing to Copeland's. Happy Birthday to me!

You'll notice that much of the past several days has been devoted to food. But also a great number of fantastic people, and lots and lots of fun. Life is good.

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