Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

Yet another weekend roundup

I know that I should expect my weekends to be busy and to pass by quickly, but still I must say: Good lord, is it Monday already?

Good weekend. Friday night at the sister's new place, eating pizza and kettle corn and introducing the boy to Finding Nemo and the MST3K episode featuring Space Mutiny. Home tired.

Saturday shopping with the mother, spending more money than I probably ought, but coming away with several new articles of clothing, including my new favorite thing- a soft as soft green courduroy jacket. We had chicken burritos for dinner, and then mom and I watched In Good Company. Home to find Lacey on my bedroom floor trying to connect our computers to our new cable internet connection. When she finally got it all worked out, both computers connected and fast, she scared the tech on the other end of the service call by telling him just how much she loved him. We did an internet victory dance.

Sunday, Sharif and I went into Baltimore to pick up his sister, and then ventured to Patapsco State Park for exploring and heat. We walked for a couple of hours, then headed to Catonsville to find some food. We ended up at G.L. Shacks, where I got a huge Cuban sandwich, which was fully satisfying. After dropping Anela back at her place, we got stuck in some crazy traffic, which wasn't a lot of fun, but at least the experience was lightened by the fact that we got to watch people in anime costumes walking around the convention center. The evening was spent with tequila and Corona, and with me watching Sharif team up with his best friend to kill people via the X-Box. I think I must be a really good geek girlfriend, because I actually quite enjoyed that. And at one point I took over the microphone, for some sort of nonsense conversation. But I was out way too late, considering that it was Sunday night.

Somehow, while preparing myself for sleep, I managed to unplug my alarm clock without noticing. Luckily enough, my brain kicked into "hey, just how long have I been shut down, anyway?" mode and propelled my panicky self out of bed to find my watch at barely 7:00, which allowed me plenty of time for showering and dressing and even preparing a lunch. Rock on, my mind!

Four day week this week! I'm very excited about this, and am looking forward to Friday like crazy. Weather permitting, Sharif and I are planning to mount an expedition to Harpers Ferry that day, for some exploring and funtimes. Weather not permitting, we'll find something else fun to do, like museum-ing in DC.

C'mon friday.

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