Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna


Once I have told you that I will try my best to get a live person to answer the phone in the department you need, that is your cue to STOP telling me how important it is that you speak to someone quickly. Every time you repeat yourself, you merely delay something that is clearly important to you.

I think I've been using up a lot of breath in sighing lately, work has been so dull. I deserve some serious time off. That won't happen very soon, as nothing is yet planned, but I have at least arranged to take next friday as a personal day. So with Labor Day coming up, that will be two three-day weekends in a row, and that will be welcome. Planning for an actual vacation will have to happen soon. It's been ten months since I arrived home from New Zealand, and I'm needing to wander for awhile.

I went to the mall after work yersterday, with the simple purpose of buying cute non-button-down tops suitable for work. And no pants. I did manage to find one top, and one jacket, but I also bought two pairs of pants. I need more tops; I need more skirts; I don't. need. more. pants. Dumb Joanna.

I'll be glad when we get the internet hooked up at my house again. I have 50 empty icon slots that demand filling, and no way to upload any of the ones I have stored on my computer. Tragedy!

Lordy, I'm bored. It's an outside sort of day today, but all I can do is observe it from the window. Really, it's ALL I can do.


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