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busy weekend+slow monday morning=long journal entry - Have Fedora, Will Travel

About busy weekend+slow monday morning=long journal entry

Previous Entry busy weekend+slow monday morning=long journal entry Aug. 15th, 2005 @ 11:30 am Next Entry
My oh my, where did the weekend go? Seriously, what with illness and busy (some of it overlapping, but luckily not all), that seemed like a very fast couple of days.

Friday, as you may recall, I was feeling quite poorly. Headache, sniffles, sore throat. I realized that I felt better, though, when I was actually doing something other than sitting in an air-conditioned room feeling sorry for myself, so Sharif and I set out after the sun started setting to spend some time with ice cream and the Inner Harbor. We played at the Discovery Channel Store and we watched a juggler/escape artist guy who enjoyed playing with fire and balancing on a two-foot rubber ball and threatening small children with knives. Afterward we went back to my place and watched TV in my room while I sniffled and sighed. I think my favorite part of the night came when we were watching Star Trek: TNG and were re-realizing what big dorks we both are. Seriously, comparing trivial knowledge of the Klingon culture and questioning whether that line was really appropriate for Geordi's character (I think it would have been better suited to Data) . . . that's HAWT. (hee)

Saturday I woke up feeling worse, but medicated myself enough to get through rehearsal. I survived it, anyway, but I'm afraid I didn't contribute much. We didn't have very many people there, anyway, so we stopped after two hours instead of carrying on for the full three. Sarah recommended the buffalo chicken tenders from Oliver's as excellent sinus openers, so we headed up that way to get some lunch. The chicken did its work well, and so I was feeling rather better by the time Erica and I headed over to Perk for the 8.13 Festival (and Smash Day!). Hours of live music and heat and smashing stuff with sledgehammers. And acrid fire. It was good fun. About the time Dan was playing, however, my symptoms started returning despite my continued medication, and by the time ilyAIMY finished, I was fairly miserable again. So I had to miss out on Tracy's party, alas, in favor of sitting as close as possible to the air conditioner for a short time before heading back home and collapsing into bed.

Sunday I felt immensely better after a good long sleep, with really only a bit of congestion remaining to remind me of what was. Good thing, too, because Sharif and I had had a hiking expedition planned with his sister for over a week. We headed down to pick her up, grabbed some pre-made wraps from Trader Joe's (making sure to pack them in the pocket of the backpack that held the frozen waterbottles), and made our way down to Great Falls. It was a super-hot day, so walking the long and rocky trail was a rather arduous process, but we made it through- somehow faster than we expected. I didn't break my ankle, as I always threaten to do, but I did fall down and smash my left knee pretty well. It bled for awhile as we walked, but it didn't cause me any pain for the remainder of the journey, so I wasn't too upset. I have since learned, however, that it really doesn't like going down stairs. And I've been limping a bit today. But back to yesterday. We were tired and hot and grimy (sunblock+insect repellant+sweat+river water+dirt=grossssss), but feeling quite good about ourselves at the end. We headed back to the siblings' parents' house for showers and clothes-changing and dinner and lounging on the couch watching golf. Then Sharif and I returned to my place for more lounging on the couch, this time with Animal Planet and Iron Chef. Then the boy went home and I went to a much welcome sleeeeep. A highly satisfactory day.

And now it's Monday. Quiet day at work (I hope I hope), then a couple hours of rehearsal, then maybe an early bedtime. I'm gonna try not to bust up my knee any more when I "faint" on stage.

A recent locked entry that appeared on my friends list has got me thinking about some things that I'm surprised to find still somewhat troubling. I suppose that just because I've been so happy lately in so many areas of my life, I can't expect everything else to follow suit. I'm pretty sure that a formerly incredibly important friendship has been lost, or at least been allowed to fade to almost nothing, and that makes me sad.
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Date:August 15th, 2005 07:25 pm (UTC)
I did not mean to make anyone sad, sorry.
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Date:August 15th, 2005 07:58 pm (UTC)
No apology necessary. You did not actually do the making-me-sad, it's just that you are the one who most recently called my attention to it.

Besides, I'm far more happy about other things than I am sad about this one. Life is pretty good.
Date:March 20th, 2011 08:04 am (UTC)
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