Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

He's half kid, half pet!

I wish I was independantly wealthy. For many reasons, one of which involves traveling (and visiting people) instead of working. Another reason is that I could then perhaps justify commiting what is bound to be more money than I currently have to have my name on a tombstone in a Neil Gaiman book or said by Sunny Baudelaire. (Ooh, Erica, you could also be fictionally killed by Stephen King!) I mean, c'mon! How cool would that be?

(The answer, for those who are wondering, is "very very cool".)

I did manage to get my chores done yesterday evening, hurrah! I also made a huge batch of noodles with peanut sauce, which should feed me for several days. And I'm revisiting The Sims 2, which is- unsurprisingly- a huge time sucker. Jo Aotearoa and Wrigley McName are in looooooove, but I'm starting to wonder why I got Jo into the science career track. I think she's bored with "studying cleaning". At least, I'm bored with watching it.

Man, if I could load that game onto this computer, work would rock.

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