Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

the internet is slow, but at least i'm not surrounded by a pack of rabid dogs

Yesterday evening, Lacey had a tech-savvy friend (Ryan) come by to try to figure out why our internet access at home is so slow and sketchy. After a number of different tests and two conversations with Verizon support- only one of which was with a person who seemed to know what he was saying- it was determined that the problem is probably with the phone lines. At least, I think that was the ultimate decision. Lacey and I quite enjoyed watching Ryan dominate his phone conversations, but we didn't so much understand what he was saying.

At some point in the course of this, psychephage joined us, in quick response to a phone message in which I said "You should give me a call, especially if you like shrimps." After concluding computer business, the four of us constructed shrimp/chicken/veggie kabobs, which we then grilled. We also had beer and bean dip, and we sat outside for quite awhile, eating and talking and such. It was a good night.

Now I have accounting work to do.

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