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So, ya know, when I finished High School and went on to college, I thought that I was finished with that whole "High School group mentality". You know the one I mean. It's that one where everyone in the class is trying to argue the teacher out of putting a test or a due date on a certain day or trying to convince said teacher that a test question was hard or misleading and should thus not have been included. Or coming up with excuses as to why something is not turned in on time. . . anything like that. But the exact same thing happened in college. It frustrated me in high school, it frustrated me even more in college, and now . . . it frustrates me in the working world. We had a meeting at the airport today for all of our Baltimore-based flight attendants. Any guesses as to how it went?

People are frustrating.

OK, sorry to complain and not include anything positive, but I've got to go check on the chicken enchiladas I've got in the oven. Oh, wait! That's positive! I'm making chicken enchiladas for dinner! Woo!

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