Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

Iron Chef T Rex does not know how to use the ice cream maker

I think I'm being subtly groomed for a place in the Human Resources department. This is just a feeling, and I don't expect it to come to anything very quickly, but I am sensing a sort of direction in the kinds of new responsibilities that are being passed my way. I shall just have to wait and see.

I didn't realize that I was in need of retail therapy, but I went into Target yesterday to buy some conditioner and some lotion, and ended up spending $40. Considering that the conditioner and lotion I picked up were both Suave, more than $35 of that was unplanned spending. Then I spent the evening at home, watching the Tim's DVDs of Family Guy while cutting and hemming my newly purchased shower curtain. I cut it so that the width would better fit my itty bitty shower cubicle, and I used the leftover bits to make curtains for the window in the bathroom. The curtain is rather more transparent than I would like, though, so I'm going to have to make a liner for it. For, though the window is mostly under the porch (I live in the basement, for those who don't know), it would still be possible for neighbors to see through it from their yards. And we don't want that. I also need to find some decorative-type non-lizard-themed bits to decorate my tiny bathroom. Maybe I should make something! Ooh, a trip to Michael's is in order, I'd say.

Open Mic and quesadilla tonight. I do enjoy Tuesdays. ilyAIMY has a show this evening, though, so no Sharif for me. Good thing I'm capable of knowing and enjoying the company of more than one person!

Oh, one more thing. I am sadly, desperately addicted to caffeine. I know this to be true now because of the vast difference in my moods before and after my morning coffee, and then again this afternoon. I didn't used to need afternoon coffee, but it was absolutely required today. And now I feel just fine, whereas pre-caffeine, I was about to hit the next person who did something irritating. Sad. But! I have noticed (after how many months of working here?) that our coffee machine has a button on it that, when pressed, fills your cup half full of coffee and the rest of the way with hot chocolate. How did I miss this before?
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