Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

the rockets' red glare

I had a marvelous weekend, and eventful, so I fear that this entry will be far more listy than interesting. Deal.

Friday, the office closed at 3:00. A couple of hours, therefore, could be spent with psychephage before he had to go be musical, and we filled them with milkshakes and a hamburger, in that order. I spent most of the evening playing video games, until wowbagger came by and we had some sister time.

Saturday afternoon, the boy and I headed into Baltimore, for to take advantage of two free tickets to my company's corporate box at Camden Yards. Once we got through the stress of traffic and parking, it was a lovely afternoon. We saw the Orioles prevail, all while taking advantage of free food and beer and sodas, cushioned chairs with leg room, shade and available air conditioning. Also, free bobbleheads of Miguel Tejada. Exciting!

Then to Perk, where there were awesome outdoor performances by Might Could and ilyAIMY, a floating chair, and the passing of Miguel to one who could give him a better home than I could offer.

Sunday I had Sharif and Erica and mightcould to the house for brats on the grill, yahtzee, and Family Guy and Mystery Science Theatre 3000. Laid back. Good. Toward the end of the evening, we heard a mighty din coming from outside, and an investigative venture into the backyard revealed that the neighbors across the alley were setting off fireworks, and half the inhabitants of the block were out there spectating. We had an excellent vatange point from the back gate. At one point we distinguished ourselves by singing some Sousa. I felt terribly suburban.

Monday, Independance Day, to the parents' house for food and food and food and people. Afterwards, Sharif and I ventured to the Columbia Lakefront and braved the crowds to see the fireworks. On the way there, we filmed an exciting action movie. Once we got there, we waded through thousands of people and eventually found an acceptable place from which to watch things explode. All very satisfying.

Today, work. Tonight, open mic.
Tags: boy, food, fun, music, perk

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