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Previous Entry Justice makes him giggle! Jun. 30th, 2005 @ 03:34 pm Next Entry
Today, the president of the company treated me and my supervisor (his assistant) to a lovely lovely lunch at a fairly new, fairly fancy, fairly pricey place not far from the office. No real reason for it, as far as I can tell, just a general show of appreciation. The food was fantastic- I had a "Crispy Chicken Cobb Salad" full of things that I like, like bacon and corn and avocado and eggs. And then we actually got dessert, creme brulee and a berry/creme/wafer concoction. We were gone for two hours. Not bad at all. Plus! the salad was big enough that I was able to bring a box back with me to leave in the fridge here for tomorrow's lunch.

You see what I was saying yesterday about liking many things about my work situation? There's another one, right there.

But all that food means that I'm now really ready for a nap, and I've still two hours before I can head home.

Yesterday evening, psychephage came by hungry, so I abandoned my can-of-soup plan and we headed out into the thunderstorm to hit the Quiznos. Yummy sandwiches later, we returned to my place to watch Princess Mononoke, which I had not yet seen. Then Iron Chef: America, which Sharif had not yet seen. (Don't worry, wowbagger and mightcould, it was the Flay/Morimoto v. Batali/Sakai battle, not a new one. You haven't missed something.)

Not sure if I'm doing anything tonight or tomorrow night. Actually, two nights at home and quiet sounds like a rather nice idea. Especially as the rest of the long weekend promises to be rather busy. We shall see.
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