Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

My manicure is starting to chip.

The flowers that arrived to sit on the corner of my desk this week are bright bright yellow, as are the flowers that decorate the dress that I am wearing. I find this both appropriate and fun on such a grey and dreary monday. I love yellow flowers.

This weekend was a good one. And aside from a tank of gas and an $0.89 bottle of water, I managed to get through it without spending money. I consider this to be achieving my goal because the gas was required for me to return to my house and the water was required to keep me alive, and so neither was optional.

Friday after work, I stopped by my parents' house to pick up my mail, and ended up staying for dinner. My father is totally addicted to the 24 DVDs that Erica and I bought for him for Father's Day, and he managed to watch 20 episodes in the course of a week. Considering that this is my dad, who so rarely watches TV, this is an amazing accomplishment. Anyway, after helping the folks polish off a big pizza, I headed back homewards, where I vegged out in front of the Playstation and then in bed with a book. A good night.

Saturday began with me and Lacey sitting in the living room and making fun of the movie Dante's Peak. Mostly we were predicting who was doomed, who Bond was going to save, and how long it would be before the love interest stripped down to a tank top. I never got to see how correct our predictions were, however, because Sharif's car chose that morning to fail him. So I swooped to the rescue! Well, I tried to, by taking him to the mechanic, but every place was closed. So instead we headed down to Great Falls to do some hiking and climbing around on rocks. It was beautiful and fun, but far too hot, so we did not get to walk as far as we would have liked. Eventually we decided that turning around was preferable to sunstroke, and we made our way back to my air conditioned vehicle.

Yesterday I cleaned in the morning, and then in the afternoon I again fetched Sharif, this time taking us both to the parents' place, where we played an incredibly closed-board-ed game of Scrabble (in which Q, J, and one K were not used), had an in-depth tour of the plants in the backyard, saw some baby birdies in the birdhouse, talked about digital cameras, and ate ribs cooked on the grill. Excellent. That evening, after dropping the boy back at his place to study for a test, I went home and watched the final episode of The Next Food Network Star. Oh yes, I did that. In fact, over the last few weeks, I watched every episode. And I was pleased with the outcome, although my real favorite was eliminated last week. Of the 8 original contestants, the winning choice was tied for second in my personal contest, so it wasn't a bad ending.

Anyway. Right now, I find myself wanting Mexican food. Or butter chicken. Hmm.
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