Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

Wands and wings! Floaty crowny things!

First: Happy Birthday, Sharif! You're swell.


Second: I called Laura last night for the first time in far too long, and ended up interrupting her at work. I sat on the porch at Perk, she sat by a swimming pool. We discussed very important things like unicorns who shoot babies and daisies from their horns. I miss Laura.

Third: Earlier in the evening, Ro and I made a list (with a little help from our friends). Basically, it stemmed from our mutual thought that we need to get out and do things this summer. As most of our brainstorming sessions do, it veered occasionally into sillyness, but on the whole I think we came up with a respectable list.

The List
(as near as possible to the way it appears in my little notebook)

Williamsburg, Philly, Annapolis, OC,
Litty Italy film, hiking, Harper's Ferry,
Monticello, Zoo, Aquarium, Kennedy Ctr,
Mall film, concerts, street festivals,
Bay Bridge walk(?), TP farmers market,
IMAX, live theatre, chili,
dinner parties, dancing bust a move, museums,
Am. Dime, Spy, Firefly, Little Havana,
water sports, camping,
photography day, chalk drawings, sock
puppets, strawberry shortcake, Frank2,
game and pizza, flashlight tag,
King's Dominion, paintball,
National BBQ, man/pedicures
Tags: artwork, boy, fun, perk

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