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Today, Tomorrow, the Day After Tomorrow, Yesterday

Today I flew to the Bahamas. Nassau, to be exact. It was seventy-five degrees there with scattered clouds. It looked beautiful from above. The airport was not beautiful, because it is an airport. I was home by 2 o'clock.

Then, Erica and I went to the mall. This is after we each had two cups of coffee and listened to some Moody Blues songs with Daddy. I bought some tall brown boots. I am very happy with them.

Tomorrow I have to go to the airport for Ready Reserve, which means that I will not have to fly if everyone shows up that is supposed to. That is good, as I am supposed to go out with Laura. I think we are going to go ice skating. Whee!

The day after tomorrow I also have Ready Reserve. This means that I will be at the airport three days in a row. This is rare. My work schedule is pretty tough, dontcha think?

Yesterday was really really really really boring. And then they called and told me that I had to fly today. What a great day.

And now . . . a rebuttal to Erica's picture of not-very-dressed Alan Cumming:

The guy with the broccoli rubber band around his head!

I'm very very sorry about that. Eww.

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