Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

what i do on [mon]day

Yesterday after work, feeling restless and annoyed at having been sitting down all day, I changed my clothes, grabbed my iPod, and set out for a walk in the hot and humid of the late afternoon. I turned left out of my neighborhood and headed off, coming after about 15 minutes to my Nursery School. If I had continued in a straight line from this point for about 15 more minutes, perhaps, I would have reached my Elementary School, as well the church I attended growing up, and the location of my first job. (They are all the same place.) If I had turned left at the Nursery School and walked for a bit, I would have reached the house where I lived for the first 14 years of my life. I did neither of these things, however, because it was hot and muggy and dark clouds were massing on the horizon. I turned around and walked home.

I arrived at the cool air-conditioned house, feeling much better after some activity, mere minutes before the wind picked up. Lacey and I rushed around the backyard, folding lawn chairs and securing the umbrella. We put The Great Escape in the DVD player (OK, in the PlayStation), and settled in for the movie as the thunder rumbled overhead and the rain began pelting down in force.

We stopped the movie before the end, as Lacey was falling asleep, so we'll have to finish it at another time. I spent the rest of the evening finishing a book (The Game by Laurie King, at last) and listening to the storm. All in all, a satisfying Monday's activity.
Tags: movies, relaxing

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