Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna


All this (short) week, I've had approximately an hour of actual work per day. Not so today, though. Today I've been handed lots and lots of chores, including two (count 'em! two!) long-term projects. They're both busy-work on no particular time constraint, and they're also both rather time-consuming for each step. This'll be interesting (she said, not particularly sincerely).

It is a pleasant change of pace, though, to have something to do. Busy is not always bad.

Of course, I won't be saying that around Wednesday of next week, when I'm sick to death of both of those projects. Then my mind will be numb.

But that time is yet to come. Currently it's a dreary rainy Friday afternoon, but I don't so much mind it as long as I'm inside. psychephage came by at lunchtime and we went for food at Noodles & Co. Macaroni and cheese, hurrah! Boys in geek shirts, hurrah! (Sharif was wearing a hoody with "WTF?" printed on. This was over a t-shirt saying "Obey Gravity! It's the law!" Silly geek boy.) The weekend that approaches offers to be at least slightly less hectic than the last few. As far as I'm aware, only Saturday afternoon/evening is currently scheduled. This is just fine with me.

Worky worky. Not quite the weekend yet.
Tags: boy, work

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