Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

sometimes my impatience surprises me

There's this guy in the lobby right now. He came in and handed me his business card and said that he didn't have an appointment, but that he'd like to make one to speak to a specific person who works here. I called this person's extension, but he's not in the office today. I told the guy this, and he said that was fine, he'd just write a note to leave for the person he was hoping to see. This sort of thing doesn't happen all the time, but it's not uncommon.

But this guy has now been sitting and writing his "note" for an hour. He's definitely writing- pen to paper the entire time. But it's making me nervy. Normally people write a few lines and leave their phone number or email address. Or they ask me for the proper phone number here or the address to send a letter. They don't write novellas in the lobby. Dude! Just stop writing! Type it all up and deliver it here later! Or call when the person you need is actually here! If he's stalling and hoping that the person he wants will show up, it's not going to work. Did he not consider the option that he wouldn't be able to force a meeting today?

OK, I think he's done. Geez. I know it shouldn't bother me this much, but I've completed essay tests in less time than it's taken him to write out the reason he's here.
Tags: anecdote, work

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