Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

all wet

Today I feel that I am a slacker. I have done most of the little bit of work that was given to me for today, but there's a bit left that I have had sitting in front of me for three hours now while I read webcomics. (This sounds so much worse than it really is. The data entry is minimal and non-urgent and no one will even notice that it isn't done yet.)

I brought a very nice lunch to the office today, but once 12:30 came, I realized that I just didn't feel like sitting in the kitchen with everyone else, so I went to Panera and ate soup and sandwich there while reading my book. This is exactly what I needed, but I wish it had been longer. It has been getting harder and harder to put my book down and go back to my desk after lunch. And the grey rainy doesn't help that at all, of course.

Open mic tonight. This will be good. North Carolina this weekend. This will also be good. Yay for family.
Tags: food, work

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