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Below are my not-terribly interesting thoughts on that elusive thing known as "free time" . . .

It occurs to me that I have more down time at work than I do out in my actual life. I leave the office on Friday afternoon, happy for the opportunity to "relax". But I'm not stressed at work. I hardly have anything to do, most days. Sure, I answer the phone, and I have sporadic chores from several different departments, but rarely does a day pass in which at least fours hours are not spent randomly reading things on the internet. This gets mildly frustrating, in part because boredom makes the days seem longer, but also because there are so many things that I could be doing that would be both less boring and more productive, if only I could do them. Laundry, for example, springs to mind. Cleaning my car inside and out. Cooking. But instead I am at work, in my enforced Quiet Time.

It's not even as if it's restful being here. I'm still tired at the end of the day. And at the end of the day, and on the weekends, I feel like I'm constantly on the move. This is a new experience for me. For ages I had loads of free time, but now suddenly I have something to do always. I don't know exactly how it happened. I'm having fun- I'm not going out and doing things because I feel obligated to do so, I'm doing them because I genuinely want to. But I know myself well enough to know that if I don't get a chunk of time to do nothing all alone on a fairly regular basis, I'll get grumpy and annoying. So I shall probably have to start occasionally not doing things that I would quite like to do, or else risk never being by myself. It'll be interesting to see how I figure that all out.

The weekend, as one might have guessed, was busy. Friday after work was a huge shop with Lacey, followed by cleaning and arranging and rearranging in the house. Saturday morning we hooked the propane tank up to the grill that psychephage had so helpfully assembled for us the night before, and tested it out on some sausages for our breakfast. A little basking in the morning sun and a little bonding with the neighbors in the yards on either side, (and a little coffee with Bailey's,) then right into hard-core party prep. Amazingly, we got everything done that we planned to do before the guests started arriving, and our housewarming went- I think- extremely well. Thanks to all who came. Chairs borrowed from all over filled the back yard, the weather was warm and dry, the grill worked splendidly, food and alcohol were in plentiful supply, the guests were friendly and fun, a kitty came to visit and charmed all. And despite the fact that we were outside with music playing until well into the night, the neighbors told us the next morning that they didn't hear us at all and were completely unbothered by our celebration.

Sunday morning, once awake, I ventured into the back yard, where Lacey and a few friends were finishing up the remaining sausages by grilling them for breakfast. I just missed the last sausage, and so attempted a bacon experiment- the results of which taught us that one should not place the bacon directly onto the grill unless one is willing to eat something that has actually been on fire and tastes primarily like Burned. We also learned, however, that this charred version of bacon is edible if you put it on a roll with some mustard. Not an experiment I'll be revisiting, but it worked as breakfast for one post-party morning. Lacey and company went to Little Havana in the late morning for brunch and all-you-can-drink Bloody Marys and Mimosas. Sharif and I were invited to join, but opted instead for laziness and playing with the kitty cat. Eventually, we managed to get moving enough to take advantage of the beautiful day with a walk around the Inner Harbor- some of it with ice cream! This was followed by dinner at the parents' house. Then home. I got to bed rather earlier than either of the previous two nights, thank goodness. Still tired today, but not nearly like yesterday afternoon.

This is good, because if I was as tired right now as I was yesterday, I would be asleep at my desk. Not terribly professional.

Tonight is the last yoga/pilates class of the session. I shall have to find a new way to spend my Monday evenings. It would be nice if I came up with something active. This may take some thought.
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