Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

. . . but not forgotten

Last night was the last Katie night. Today she moves on to Virginia, where she will have further fun and continue on her quest to visit more of the USA than many of this country's lifelong residents have seen. It's been great having her here, and she shall be missed immensely. Bye bye, Katie! Thank you for being great!

Last night was laid-back good. Featuring (in chronological order) soupytwist, psychephage, wowbagger, and mightcould. Erica's arrival matched fairly exactly with the beginning of Singles Night at the coffee house, and marked the time in which we headed upstairs for conversation and silliness. And the ritual Drinking-of-Hot-Chocolate-through-a-TimTam-Cookie (biscuit). We came up with some more swell potential names for the kitty cat. We were excessively geeky in several different ways. This is as it should be. We said goodbye.

Today it is raining. Everyone is complaining about it, but I don't really mind. We need this rain, I'm sure, and as long as I'm inside and dry, it doesn't bother me. What will bother me is if it continues on into tomorrow. I really don't want to try to fit all of the BBQ guests into our living and dining rooms. Sun! Warmth! Consider yourself summoned!

Sunday, post-party, post-cleaning, perhaps I will have a chance to sit down for a while. Or visit the kitty. Or see Star Wars. (Speaking of Episode III, boredom yesterday at work led to me browsing through my own journal archives, and finding this link from nearly 3 years ago, which made me laugh again.)
Tags: food, katie, movies, perk, pets, travel

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