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As the airport is still closed, and will remain so for an indefinite period of time, it doesn't look as if I will be working today. As it stands at the moment, I am on reserve for the next three days- meaning, essentially, that I can do whatever I want within a reaonable vicinity of the airport, provided I have my cell phone with me at all times, and that "do whatever I want" does not translate to "drink buckets of alcohol". So . . . I may be able to see Laura on her birthday, after all!
But I can't make any promises.

I love my job. It's great. But now it is also scary. Which is a difficult situation, because I'm not sure whether to be relieved or upset that my work schedule has gone all wonky. (I really hope that that last sentence conveys the meaning that I want it to. I'm not forming very comprehensible sentences today.)

I am still wearing my comfy comfy pajamas from Victoria's Secret. They are big and silky, although not actually silk. I wish that I could rationalize wearing them all day, but I do expect to leave the house at some point, and I will be taking a shower shortly, and . . . yeah. anyway.

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