Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

I be lame.

I feel like it's awfully early for me to be home when there are Katies to hang out with. But when you consider that this would add more than an extra hour of driving to the night's activities, the actual hanging out time added to the evening would end up being minimal. Drive to Perk. Hang out with Katie and Erica for 30 minutes tops, drive home to get ready for bed. Stupid work, always getting in the way of fun. Stupid cramps, too. Go away!

Oh well, this evening was quite good, what with a parents-provided meal, a Katie, and a Rohini. And tomorrow there shall be hanging out. This is especially important as it will be the Katie's last night with us. Fun will happen.

So it is decreed.
Tags: katie

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