Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

Apologies! numbering 2.

1. It wasn't terribly long ago that I was teasing afterknowledge for failing to close her tab at the end of one open mic night. Sorry, Ro. That'll teach me to go acting all superior. Not only did I fail to close my tab last night, leaving my credit card behind at Perk, I also failed to bring any food to work with me today, and I only have one dollar in my wallet. This means that, come lunchtime, I shall have to pull out the Visa card that I said I would never use. I guess it's lucky that I didn't destroy that card as I had originally planned. Hooray for emergency measures!

2. The past couple of days have been spent conspiring to convince mightcould that he needs a cat. (Specifically, this cat.) This is probably not fair of the universe in general, as it should really be up to the Tim to decide whether he has the resources required. But everyone gets so excited at the concept of kitty! that they don't worry about that so much as about how soon they will be allowed to pet the cute little furry thing with paws and whiskers. Sorry, Tim.
(. . . kitty!)
Tags: perk, pets

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