Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

Joanna jumping off a cliff is a sign of impending apocalypse. Or else I'm the lead lemming.

The only day that both Erica and I are free from work to take Katie into Washington DC is Sunday. So, of course, the weather report calls for thunderstorms. It's early enough in the week that I can still maintain hope that that will change, and so I shall. Otherwise, I guess we'll just have to get wet. Eh, we won't melt, and we'll still have fun, but I'd really like for Katie to see the city on a clear sunny day. I think that's understandable.

There's some sort of issue with our phone system today, the result of which is that many people are not able to receive calls through their direct dial numbers. All of their calls therefore get directed to me, and I must then transfer them to their intended destination. This is not a problem, as such- it is, after all, my job- but it means a significant increase in the number of calls that I must handle, as well as an increased proportion of those callers who are already irritated before I answer the phone. Which is always good for a girl's state of mind.

I was too tired after getting home last night to bother making a lunch for today. And I never manage to work up the willpower to put together a lunch on the morning of. So today is a Subway day. I shall walk to Subway, bring my sandwich to a bench beside my building, and eat while reading my book. (I've finally started reading Memoirs of a Geisha.) I look forward to lunchtime eagerly.
Tags: food, katie, work

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